Yoga and the Benefits of Using Electrolytes

Yoga and the Benefits of Using Electrolytes

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How replenishing your electrolytes naturally can benefit your practice.

We have all heard about electrolytes — whether it is sport related or when we are trying to recover from the night before. Now, as science and wellness are coming together, we can really understand the importance and benefits of electrolytes, not just as active individuals but also as people surviving the stresses of modern-day lifestyles.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are charged minerals. We all know that our body needs minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium. But not everybody knows that we need both charged and non-charged minerals.

Charged minerals, which are known as electrolytes, are created when minerals come into contact with biological fluid and split into negative and positive ions. These ionically charged minerals facilitate electrical impulse movement within our muscles. Our bodies need electrical impulse movement for energy production, nerve transmission, muscle contractions, pH balance and fluid balance. We simply can’t function without electrolytes!

How do electrolytes benefit my Yoga practice?

We need electrolytes for muscle and nerve function. This is especially important for activities that require muscle flexibility and strength, including Yoga. When you practice Yoga, you use all the muscles in the body, from the tips of your toes to the very top of your head (especially if you are trying to perfect the head stand).

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Yoga is also great at targeting many muscle groups. Not only does it require your macro muscle groups to take on dynamic postures, but it also engages micro muscles in more static poses. Even when engaging in the passive movements of Yin Yoga, some muscles are still required to be engaged as others relax.


Practising Yoga for an extended period also means that you’ll delve deeper than just the muscles and start exercising your fascia (the fibrous tissue around your muscles). Electrolytes are also required within the fascia for proper functioning, another reason why it’s important that yogis replenish their store of electrolytes.

Just as bodybuilders and endurance athletes attest to the benefits of electrolytes — increased performance and speedier recovery — so too can electrolytes help you achieve a deeper physical practice.

Does it matter if I practice Yoga in the morning or at night?

For most, practice is taken in the morning. It has been shown that 1 to 1.5 litres of water can be lost during sleep through respiration and transpiration. This means that you wake up partially dehydrated.

Replenishing your electrolyte balance before practice means you will feel stronger and more focused on the mental aspects of your practice rather than feeling the effects of mild dehydration — dizziness, nausea and muscle cramps. I myself have felt dizzy in my morning practices, taking away from the meditative opportunity of my morning ritual but have found that focusing on rehydration before my practice has offered an immense difference.

For those that take their practice at night, dehydration is of equal concern. Even though it seems as though we have more opportunity to drink water in the day as opposed to as while we sleep, the reality is our current lifestyles are not conducive to being well hydrated. Coffee, juices, teas and simply being too busy are all culprits that stand in the way of the 6 – 8 glasses of good old fashioned water that we need each day.

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Replenishing your electrolyte balance naturally, rather than with a sugar-loaded sports drink, before your practice can help reap the intended benefits of a physical yoga practice rather than leaving you more tired, depleted and grumpy than before. We want to feel uplifted, energised and connected. No more sugar crashes halfway through our forward folds or groggy goodbyes after Savasana.

Using a natural form of electrolytes, such as elete Holistic Hydrate which is naturally sourced from The Great Salt Lake in Utah, ensures that your body has all the electrolytes it needs for a healthy living regime. Our Hydration Drops can be added to juices or smoothies, or simply into your water. Take a full glass upon awakening or sip on it through your day for your post work Yoga session. Not only does it have all four major electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, sodium and chloride) but also over 60 other naturally occurring trace and ultra trace elements.

So whether you are sweating it out in Bikram or holding your asana for ten minutes at a time in Yin, adding natural electrolytes to your yoga routine can help deepen your practice and heal your body. Take care of yourself, replenish and nourish it, with electrolytes as well as some love and care.


Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our naturally derived electrolytes or check out our range of elete Holistic Hydrate products.


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