Why Hydrate With elete?

Why Hydrate With elete?

What makes elete Holistic Hydrate the best choice for your hydration needs is easy!

No dyes, artificial heat, cold, or other chemicals are used in the process of making this product. Mineral Resources International has elete Holistic Hydrate tested and verified to be free from any chemical, industrial, or agricultural contaminants. In this sense, elete Holistic Hydrate is just as natural, pure and safe as produce from any organic farm.

The vital elements and trace elements in elete Holistic Hydrate are ionic, meaning that each atom is independent and not a part of any complex compounds.

Compounds are bound together by positively and negatively charged ions. When an atom becomes disassociated from a compound that ionic charge is then free to move about. The movement of ions is more commonly known as electricity. Ionic charges are vital to the body’s absorption processes making the ionic form the most bio-available form of all.

Metabolism of every cell is dependant on positively and negatively charged ionic elements to pull nutrients in and expel waste out. Ionic elements are, therefore, more bio-available and useful than elements in their organic or other forms.

elete Holistic Hydrate has the added component of natural rock salt a mined source of Potassium Chloride that has been processed to a food grade.

When presented with these facts why would you need to add anything else to your body!

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