The Choice of Professionals

elete Holistic Hydrate has received strong endorsement from many leading sports men and women, including individual champions in athletics, cycling, canoeing, tennis, golf, triathlon, biathlon, shooting, ultra distance running, motor racing, scrambling, rowing, marathon running and multi-event challenges such as the Ironman triathlons. In addition a growing number of Strength and Conditioning Coaches for Premier and Championship football teams recommend elete to their players.

Most global sports drinks brands have targeted the active population with the marketing message that they need to be correctly hydrated in order to increase performance and output and that they also need to replace the electrolytes they lose through exercise to help prevent cramps and muscle fatigue.

Both messages are correct, however, what is not ‘told’ is that these products do not contain the correct mix of electrolytes and they often contain artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives – hardly the ‘cocktail’ a knowledgeable person concerned with their health would choose to drink.  For what they are, they are also very expensive.  elete Holistic Hydrate is a concentrated source of naturally derived (from the Great Salt Lake) electrolytes that the individual (or team) can readily mix with water or cordial or fruit juice or a carbohydrate or protein concentrate to tailor make their own sports drink.

elete Holistic Hydrate has the following benefits:

  • A peer reviewed paper has been published that demonstrates a person would have to drink 42,6% more water to stay equally hydrated than if they drank water mixed with elete Holistic Hydrate
  • Is completely natural.  As well as supplying the major electrolytes of Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Chloride it also includes over 70 other trace and ultra-trace elements
  • Contains no colourings, flavourings or preservatives – nothing artificial
  • Contains no calories
  • Does not have a strong unpleasant taste
  • Can be used to customise individual requirements for electrolytes
  • Can be mixed with water, carbohydrates and / or protein shakes
  • Readily dissolves in water, is easily digested and absorbed and will not cause stomach distress
  • Versatile dosing makes it easy to use – prior to, during and after athletic activity
  • elete HH is easy to use – a 25ml ‘pocket’ bottle is sufficient to provide 10 litres of electrolyte drink
  • Pure electrolyte water made with elete HH provides the benefits of electrolyte-fuelled hydration, but does not contribute to the growth of mould and will not leave residues or stains in water bottles or hydration packs
  • Testimonials report that people undertaking a variety of activities including running, cycling, skiing, tennis, golf, ice hockey, soccer, rugby, sports car driving, mountaineering, hiking, yoga etc. will experience an increase in performance such as: greater stamina, no cramping, greater concentration, less muscle fatigue and quicker recovery
  • Is certified free of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) banned substances through ongoing testing by Informed Sport
  • Packaging is compact, lightweight and easy to carry and easy to store. Neither the product or packaging are harmed by the summer heat and elete HH does not spoil or lose potency
  • elete HH is remarkably inexpensive – a 500ml drink (using 1.25ml of elete HH from a 480ml team bottle) will cost just 21 pence


Remember that elete Holistic Hydrate, being a combination of different brines, can be added to water that can then be boiled for use in teas, beverages etc.

So, to summarise, elete Holistic Hydrate is a Na:K:Mg:Cl balanced product together with trace and ultra-trace elements in a readily assimilated, ionic form.
Consequently you can be confident that you are receiving a good balanced mineral and trace element supplement that can act as either a supplement in its own right or as the foundation to a more individualised nutritional programme.

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