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While the main users of elete Electrolytes are in the world of sports and fitness – because it gives their performance levels that determining push to up their competitive edge – we are receiving more and more feedback from elete™ users in other fields and activities who are finding noticeable benefits from regularly using elete Electrolytes. Positive side-effects are ranging from more alertness to less wrinkles. Here are just a few snippets but definitely read more of our in-real-life reviews of elete Electrolytes.

“July 2003: 15 kids ended up on IV transfusion after trekking through Wyoming. Dehydration was rampant from mild to severe. Multiple youth were taken off the handcart trail and shuttled to base camps with heat exhaustion. July 2006: average trail temperature in Wyoming was 102 degrees. 260 teenagers pulled handcarts 27 miles. elete™ was in every water container. Two kids dropped with exhaustion. No IV’s were administered. No dehydration. Youth and adults are solid on elete™. The difference between Gatorade®* and elete is incomparable. Our experience is phenomenal!”

Tim Van De Merwe

“I am a complementary health journalist, but even with a comprehensive knowledge of holistic health
and nutrition I could not address my chronic fibromyalgia symptoms, which have been undermining my
health and wellbeing for far too long. Pains in the muscles and joints, fatigue and brain fog have proved
highly debilitating.
I bumped into David Thomas (a chiropractor and nutritionist and founder of elete™) at the Natural and Organic Products
Europe in Olympia in April 2012 and he immediately recommended elete. He reckoned the major culprit
contributing to my condition was a bad case of dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and trace mineral
Within three days of taking elete my symptoms began to abate and three weeks on they have
disappeared. This woman, who had NEVER drunk enough water, who only drank when she was thirsty,
was knocking back 2 litres of water per day fortified with elete™ and a dash of organic cordial! I have had
blood tests and ‘muscle pain’ diagnoses over the past two decades with no success, but elete™ has
really worked, and I am continuing to take it on a maintenance basis. I feel energized and revitalized
and a fabulous side effect of this therapy is that it plumps out the skin and people have said how well I
am looking younger, so hold the botox!”

Denise Barrett. Member, Guild of Health Writers

“In my practice, I treat many patients whose medications lower sodium as a side effect. This type of
hyponatremia is very difficult to manage and can lead to dangerously low-sodium levels when [and] if
they drink plain water. elete is a remarkable product that has almost single-handedly solved this
problem. I can recommend its use and encourage my patients to return to a normal fluid intake (rather
than restrict fluids to manage their low sodium level) and not have to worry about excessive caloric
intake. Thanks so much for a wonderful product!!”

Eric Heiligenstein, Physician, University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI

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