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“I started using elete electrolytes before running a 250 kilometre ultra marathon through the Saharan desert, and i’ve never looked back!
As an Endurance Adventurer, who trains just as much as some people work, staying hydrated regardless of the temperature is vital, and with elete Holistic Hydrate and their mini pocket flasks I’m able to stay hydrated wherever or whatever I’m doing.
I love that the product is all natural, nothing artificial, or added; and the results I get from elete Holistic Hydrate speak for themselves in terms of its quality.
I cannot rate elete electrolyte highly enough, and will continue to use it not only in my training, and the crazy adventures I get up to, but in everyday life as well to feel fresh and stay hydrated!

Luke Tyburski, Triathlete, Endurance Adventurer


“elete Holistic Hydrate had a massive performance impact on the British Fencers during the recent World Cup event in Paris. Being a sport where athletes sweat very heavily and perform repeatedly throughout the day we were delighted that none athletes using the elete as part of their performance nutrition program cramped once”

David Dunne, Performance Nutritionist

“In the last 15 years I have worked as a nutritionist across a range of professional sports including International Rugby & Cricket, Olympic level road and track Cycling and more recently Athletics and flat water Canoeing for athletes preparing for the London 2012 Olympics. During this time I have been exposed to and trialed a number of products aimed at assisting hydration in the wide variety of climatic conditions faced by globe trotting athletes. elete Holistic Hydrate electrolytes are by far my current top choice for a natural and adaptable solution to the crucial issue of hydration. Naturally sourced and without any additives or unwanted calories this provides a versatile tool for ensuring minerals are replenished and fluid balance is optimized in a range of conditions.”

Glenn Kearney M.Sc., B. Phd., UK Athletics Senior Nutritionist

“I use elete Holistic Hydrate for its benefits on improved hydration and all the positive feelings and improvement in performance this brings to my clients. elete Holistic Hydrate with its unique natural profile is one of my preferred sources of electrolyte support and its registration with Informed Sport ensures my clients’ complete confidence in the product.”

Matt Lovell – Elite Performance Nutritionist, advisor to many leading Rugby Teams & UK Athletics Nutritionist ahead of the 2012 Olympics

“elete Holistic Hydrate provides the Leicestershire Foxes with essential electrolytes to aid hydration. It allows our players to maintain concentration levels when out in the field whether it’s batting, bowling or fielding to maximise performance. elete Holistic Hydrate is a valuable product that we use in our daily training and matches, and was key to maintaining the hydration levels of players during our successful Twenty20 Championship.”

Josh Gabriel-Clarke, Head of Strength & Conditioning, Leicestershire County Cricket Club

“I have been using elete Holistic Hydrate for the past 2 years and have seen significant benefits of using it within our players. Since using elete HH none of our players have experienced muscle cramps and players appear to maintain a better hydration status during high intensity training
sessions and matches. elete Holistic Hydrate is a relatively cheap, although excellent product designed to ensure players are optimally hydrated pre, during and post high intensity training sessions. I would personally recommend this product to anyone who is serious about maximising their training and ensuring optimal performance on game day.”

Laurence Bloom – Head of Sports Science at Charlton Athletic FC

“As a sport dietitian I am continually researching new products and ways to help the athletes that I work with fuel optimally. elete Holistic Hydrate Electrolyte Add-In has become a great solution for many training and competition environments where hot climates make staying hydrated a challenge. In conjunction with proper hydration planning elete Holistic Hydrate has been very successful in eliminating cramping for many endurance athletes that I work with. At the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi we used elete HH to boost up the electrolyte concentration of regular sports drinks which helped maintain hydration and rehydration in our athletes.
Using elete HH with some of the National team swimmers during warm weather trainingallowed the athletes to modify the electrolyte content of their sports drinks in accordance with hydration monitoring. elete HH is a very versatile product that I have found expands the ability to individual hydration protocols and solutions. One of the main reasons why I chose elete HH over other electrolyte products is that it is tested by a third party to ensure good manufacturing processes and safe ingredients so that I can be more confident in recommending it to athletes.”

Dana Lis – Sport Dietician at the Canadian Sport Centre Pacific

“elete Holistic Hydrate water has gone down very well with my players. I have 3-4 players who suffer from cramp during games of which one has tried every possible supplement, various homeopathic mixtures as well as vinegar, honey and hot water etc. His pattern of cramp was that he always felt it kicking in at the 60- minute mark yet never suffered from cramp in training.
Since using elete Holistic Hydrate none have reported any symptoms of cramp and it seems to have reduced the fear of cramp during evening games, which for some reason, worried a couple of them probably down to previous experiences. The more symptomatic player has now stopped taking all other recommendations and is now just using elete HH.
I will continue to use elete HH throughout the season…I have also recommended elete HH to my colleagues.”

E.U. Chief Physio of a U.K.- Premier Soccer Club

“elete Holistic Hydrate is the simple solution to all your hydration worries. I highly recommend the product to all my Desert Running Training Camps, road cycling and trail running weeks. It is perfect, not only for hot climate multi-stage ultras, but for any time and any climate use. elete Holistic Hydrate has no taste, is very effective and a nice alternative to sweet tasting sports drinks”.

Paul Bateson of www.axarsport.com

“Many thanks for the sample of elete Holistic Hydrate you sent me. I’m really chuffed with the results. This year we have taken on four 18 year olds into our 1st team squad and Carlisle being a small pro club, they have had to step up to the plate and be involved in most games. From past experience the problem with young men taking on this task (as you will know) is that physically, mentally and physiologically it is such a completely different, more intense, situation to the academy football they are used to. Consequently they often struggle with cramp and fatigue. We have used the usual drinks / recovery aids (i.e. branded isotonic drinks / recovery shakes etc) but the results are, at best, unconvincing.
I am pleased to say since using elete Holistic Hydrate in training and before and after games we have more or less completely resolved these issues. They are managing full games without cramping – even when not playing every week.”

Neil Dalton, Mcsp Srp, Head physiotherapist , Carlisle United FC

“I have been competing, organising and leading desert expedition races and adventures in some of the World’s remotest parts for over 10 years. I know from first hand experience how difficult the maintenance of correct electrolyte balance can be. elete Holistic Hydrate has taken the stress out of this crucial element of desert living for myself and my team. elete Holistic Hydrate is easy to use, physiologically sound and importantly tasteless. I now recommend this product to anyone joining me on a trip to the wilds.”

Dave Scott. Team Leader www.sand-baggers.com

“We use and recommend elete HH to all our Bikram Yoga students. We were lucky enough to have discovered elete Holistic Hydrate when we were teaching in the USA. We are glad we can now purchase it in the UK. elete Holistic Hydrate is the only electrolyte product that we have found that is natural, has no taste and does not contain any sugars. Practicing Bikram Yoga causes you to sweat. Often students’ essential electrolytes are not replaced with correct nutrition so we recommend elete to ensure their electrolyte balance is maintained.”

David Marshalsea, Bikram Yoga Director, Manchester.

“We highly recommend elete Holistic Hydrate to all our clients, from those that come to Bootcamps to our GB Athletes & Extreme Charity Challenge Clients. elete Holistic Hydrate is really effective at replacing essential electrolytes and fully hydrating the body during & after training, without any added sugars or side effects. Staying hydrated is key to performing optimally, physically, as well as mentally, whatever your level in sport. elete HH water allows you to gain the edge by staying hydrated, give it a go…!”

Kim Ingleby. GB Sports Therapist, Leading UK Mental Strength NLP Coach, Award Winning Personal Trainer, Fitness Model & Age Group Athlete

“Motor sport is a punishing and demanding environment for the driver and the team, especially in endurance racing. I have been using elete Holistic Hydrate for the past four years, with, I believe, great success. My job, as the Human Performance Director of Formula Fitness, the UK’s No 1 company for training Racing Drivers, is to make sure that both the drivers and the team are fit for purpose in the Le Mans 24 hour race.
The team personnel work for up to 40 hours with no rest during the Worlds toughest race and keeping them hydrated and mentally alert during this period is challenging. Without doubt using elete Holistic Hydrate helps in the toughest of racing environments. All team members have there own 25ml bottle at all times.
For the professional racing driver the challenge is even harder, they experience minimum double stints of 3 hours at a time, often during the heat of summer – passing through into the dead of night, yet they have to be physically and mentally at their peak throughout. These arduous conditions can and will take their toll on the drivers ability to perform at their best. elete Holistic Hydrate assists in optimising the physical and mental skills to perform the task.
Optimal hydration for me is key for racing drivers to function properly but not just hydration, electrolytes are required for brain function and thus optimal concentration levels. elete Holistic Hydrate water does all of this and more, it even allows for optimum hydration to be achieved using less water, which is important if your sitting in a car for three hours without a toilet”

Stewart Wild MSc – Human Performance Director, Formula Fitness

“elete Holistic Hydrate water is an electrolyte product made from naturally sourced minerals. It balances the body’s naturally salty fluids and is excellent for combating dehydration and optimising levels of hydration. I use it in water to keep my fluid levels topped up and in my homemade sports drinks to compensate for the minerals sweated out during exercise.”

Ian Craig is the editor of Total Sports Nutrition and Functional Sports Nutrition as well as being module leader of the Centre for Nutrition Education’s ‘Competitive Athlete’ postgraduate course and a lecturer at Stellenbosch University, South Africa

“As a strength coach I am always looking for the simplest ways to maximise human performance, which quite often means going back to basics. elete HH is a product that allows me to do just that. My athletes quite often cannot believe that a ‘capful a litre’ is the difference between them cramping up or continuing to perform beyond their expectations. From a personal perspective, I use elete Holistic Hydrate everyday and in 2012 rowed the Yukon River Challenge in Canada – 715km in 55 hours. Suffice to say, what I drank stayed where I wanted.”

Andy McKenzie ASCC, Strength and Conditioning Coach

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