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30 June 2015
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30 June 2015

INTRODUCING ‘elete Holistic Hydrate’

People across the Globe will welcome the launch of the elete Holistic Hydrate range of 100% natural ionically charged electrolyte products that are derived from the evaporation of the mineral-rich water in the Great Salt Lake in Utah with nothing else added. elete Holistic Hydrate contains all four of the key electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium) in ionically charged form together with other beneficial naturally occurring trace and ultra trace elements
which enable the body to:
• Maintain hydration
• Prevent muscle cramps
• Sustain energy and endurance
• Enhance mental focus

These benefits can help in general health terms for all as well as for the sporting fraternity during all forms of exercise such as Yoga, Spinning, Running and also including training when competing for more intense events like Triathlons, Marathons, Cycling Tours, Football Matches where a greater exertion for longer periods of time can deplete rapidly, it can aid a faster recovery. Common symptoms like dehydration, cramping and loss of energy can regularly hamper performance, but these can be rapidly eliminated by using elete Holistic Hydrate whose perfectly balanced, ionically charged electrolytes enabling quick, effective assimilation. In general health terms it can aid in cell maintenance and restore and control hydration keeping concentration and energy levels at an optimum.

• No additives at all i.e. no sweeteners, preservatives, colourings or flavourings
• No calories
• Reduces volume of water required to hydrate by 50%
• Flexible to use – can be added to any food or drink
• Excellent value – cheaper than any other sports drink or mix

MRI (UK) is conscious that elete Holistic Hydrate pure ionically charged electrolyte solution could sound too good to be true – so it is happy to provide samples for people to try for themselves and see the results first hand – a negative response has yet to be recorded. ELETE HOLISTIC HYDRATE REDUCES AMOUNT OF WATER NEEDED TO HYDRATE BY MORE THAN 40% compared to water alone – a significant benefit when considering how heavy water is to carry. This was revealed by a peer review published study carried out on forest fire fighters in California in summer 2008 California Fire Fighters Study carried out by The University of Montana on – for which 8 fire fighters were given water with elete Holistic Hydrate added and 8 were given plain water over a period of five days of forest fire fighting. The results were astounding; those with elete Holistic Hydrate in their water on average consumed 42.6% less fluid.

JUST ADD TO WATER – OR TO ANY FOOD OR DRINK – as elete Holistic Hydrate comes in a concentrated form its use can be highly flexible to meet the specific needs of any individual’s sports nutrition regimen or taste preference. E.g. elete Holistic Hydrate could be taken just before an event with carbohydrates, during an event with just water and afterwards with a protein drink to aid recovery.

THE CHOICE OF PROFESSIONALS – elete Holistic Hydrate has already received strong endorsement from many leading high endurance sports men and women, particularly in the grueling sports of international championship cycling, rowing, marathon running and multi-event challenges as well as having received the official endorsement of the US golfing PGA Tour Partners Club (See testimonials).

elete Holistic Hydrate originates from the inland sea water of the Great Lake in Utah in the United States. This body of water is about the size of the area inside the M25 and is fed with water and minerals from a largely wilderness area the size of Ireland. elete’s supply of water with naturally charged ionic electrolytes is harvested from a facility on the northern shore of the lake which is in an environmentally protected area. Here at the MRI plant, only natural processes are used to concentrate the sea water, thus giving elete Holistic Hydrate true provenance and traceability.

Whilst electrolytes have been used for many years by athletes and sports professionals, existing products and brands will typically contain only one or two electrolytes, usually in a non-ionically charged form which are not easily assimilated by the body. For optimum benefits and hydration, all four major electrolytes (in particular magnesium) are required in an ionically charged form; in fact electrolytes are only true electrolytes when they are ionically charged as they do not function properly otherwise.
Sweating and physical stress deplete magnesium which works with other electrolytes to prevent muscle cramps, and helps the body to properly utilize oxygen, so magnesium replacement is essential for sports people. elete Holistic Hydrate contains a perfectly balanced ionically charged combination of magnesium and the three other major mineral electrolytes (potassium, sodium and chloride), as well as over 60 other naturally occurring trace and ultra trace elements.

elete Holistic Hydrate comes in liquid concentrate as elete Holistic Hydrate Electrolyte Add-In elete Electrolyte Add-In is available in three different sizes. Starting with a mini 25ml refillable pocket size pack which will make up 20 x 500ml servings of sports drink, a refill size available in 120ml and the Team Bottle 480ml which can make up 384 x 500ml servings of electrolyte Sports Drink.

The elete Holistic Hydrate range of products are available on-line at


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Registered trademarks property of elete Holistic Hydrate – MRI U.K Limited

About MRI
MRI Inc elete Holistic Hydrate is produced by Mineral Resources Int Inc (MRI), a family owned company based in Ogden, Utah, established over 40 years ago, which has rights to process and use the water from the Great Salt Lake, Utah for producing nutritionalproducts.
MRI (UK) was founded by David Thomas who during his youth was a national sprint champion and member of the first GB Junior athletics team and was therefore well aware of the critical need to keep the body properly hydrated. He went on to train as a geologist which provided him the knowledge to understand the complex geology of the land surrounding and feeding the Great Salt Lake with its unique mineral rich water. Following this he trained and now practices as a nutritionist and chiropractor which he has done for the last 28 years. These latter skills allowed him to come to understand the critical role that electrolytes and other trace and ultra trace minerals play in the efficient running of the body and mind, all of which need to be in peak condition when exercising and playing sport. It was the bringing together of all this knowledge which brought elete to the attention of David, and so MRI (UK) was born.

10 July 2015

elete Holistic Hydrate
What the professionals are saying about elete Holistic Hydrate

Lanny and Tracy Barnes, Olympian biathletes:

“elete has been a huge contributing factor to our success. Not only are elete electrolytes important in racing, but training as well. It helps to keep our muscles from cramping during exercise as well as speeds recovery …we use elete electrolytes to keep us performing at our best.”

Simon Berry – UK Ultra Running Champion

“61 miles on elete at weekend and not a single cramp – not even on the hideous stiles. Also had another UltraRunner using it who has been plagued by cramps all year so far – and he was doing really well on it.”

Paul Bateson of Team Axarsport (Leading European cycling coach):

“A simple solution for optimum hydration”

Sandra Tomlinson, 2005 World Championship, 24-Hour Women’s Solo Mountain Bike Racing Champion

“The proof of the product is in the results. elete water helps me to achieve this level of performance, first, by providing the necessary electrolytes needed to perform at this level and to keep me hydrated. I require less fluid consumption than previously, now that I use elete.”

PGA Tour Partners Club Members awarded elete with the coveted PGA Tour Partners Club Member Tested Seal of Approval. It was rigorously trialed amongst over 200 players. Member,
Rick Meyer commented:
“I found elete to be one of those rare products that live up to their manufacturer’s claims. It works, period.”


22 July 2015

elete Holistic Hydrayte
The science behind electrolytes

True electrolytes must have an ionic charge. Electrolytes are charged minerals (ions) that are balanced with a positively charged mineral (such as sodium, magnesium and potassium) and a negatively charged mineral complex (such as chloride, sulphate and carbonate), in such a way that they will dissolve and split in water making the liquid electrically conductive. Some minerals that are commonly known as electrolytes can also be found in non-electrolyte form, an example being magnesium chelate, but which will not function as an electrolyte – in order to function as such they need to be attached to a negatively charged mineral complex, such as chloride as in the electrolyte, magnesium chloride.

An overview of some important electrolytes and their functions:

Magnesium: The most expensive electrolyte is essential for all energy conversion, muscle function, nerve conduction, more than 300 different enzyme reactions, bone and tooth formation, and pH balance. Magnesium is essential for ATP energy, insulin production and insulin uptake. It’s also essential to the cell pump. Physical and emotional stress deplete magnesium from the body.

Potassium: Should be the most abundant electrolyte inside the cells and is essential for muscle function, nerve conduction, water balance, pH balance.

Sodium: The least expensive of all electrolytes and most common one found in the modern diet. Sodium is essential for thirst response, heat tolerance, muscle contraction, nerve conduction, water balance, and pH balance.

Chloride: The most abundant negatively charged electrolyte in the body is essential for oxygen exchange, digestion, water balance, and pH balance.

Why are electrolytes so important for General Health & Sporting performance?

Every time muscles move, electrical impulses facilitate these functions. Each time your heart beats, electrical impulses make it happen. Every nerve impulse is dependent on a tiny electrical charge. Electrolytes are essential for all of these essential functions. If electrolyte levels are low or out of balance, one of the results can be that muscles can go into cramps or spasms. The charge that electrolytes carry is also essential to regulate fluid balance (hydration) and pH balance.

Athletes have a high need for electrolytes so deficiencies of electrolytes are more common. “The competitive athlete is predestined to evolve a magnesium deficiency due to increased sweat and urine excretion. During strenuous activity magnesium is required by the organs (including muscle) and a situation is created whereby there is an increased difficulty to supply magnesium to the athletes by natural sources in sufficient amounts.

Continuous magnesium supplementation to the athlete must be considered as a supportive and beneficial measure during periods of long physical stress.” Golf S. Magnesium and physical exercise. Journal of Trace Elements and Electrolytes, 2008; 25(4): 231.

How does homeostasis relate to electrolyte replacement?

Electrolytes, in general, and electrolyte balance are so crucial to health that the body works very hard to maintain fluid levels of electrolytes within narrow ranges. This is part of the process called homeostasis. If the body is deficient in an electrolyte, efforts will be made to absorb more from the digestive system in addition to other attempts to retain that electrolyte. As any athlete knows, when he/ she become electrolyte deficient sweat looses its salty flavour. If there is an excess of a particular electrolyte, the body will excrete more through sweat or urine. The typical European diet is high in sodium and as a consequence our perspiration is high in sodium, yet very low in potassium and magnesium. For this reason, clinical studies measuring the electrolytes lost through sweat are not necessarily the best guide for what to consume and replace. The body maintains stores of critical electrolytes to be used as needed. Calcium is stored in the bones, and magnesium is stored in the muscles. For those with a high need for electrolytes, it is possible to bank stores in the body by consuming electrolytes on a daily basis.


31 July 2015

FIND HANGOVER RELIEF WITH ‘elete Holistic Hydrate’

During Festival and Holiday time even those who don’t normally over-indulge in the spirit of things can slip up and face the next day regretting the night before with headaches, sickness and the many other unpleasant manifestations of the dreaded hangover. However, help is at hand for hangover sufferers with elete Holistic Hydrate, the electrolyte and trace mineral hydration drink.

elete Holistic Hydrate, which was developed as a sports drink concentrate to deliver optimum hydration, has already met with much acclaim from serious athletes and sports people who use it to maintain hydration, prevent muscle cramps, sustain endurance and enhance mental focus. It was recognised that these hydration qualities could also be applied to other conditions where dehydration is a major influence, e.g General Health issues and the dreaded Hangover.

Every year the usual round of miracle hangover cures hit the headlines, only to be met with disappointment as they fail to live up to their promises! However, elete Holistic Hydrate is different – it works by efficiently hydrating the body and is based on some strong science. Furthermore, in a peer reviewed independent research trial, participants who drank water with elete Holistic Hydrate added in needed to drink 42.7% less water to hydrate properly compared with those who drank only pure water.

elete Holistic Hydrate is a 100% natural ionically charged electrolyte drink concentrate that originates from the mineral-rich water of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It contains four key electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, chloride and sodium), combined with 70 other trace and ultra-trace minerals, necessary for optimal hydration and which also help bring the body back into balance.

In order to work most effectively a shot of elete Holistic Hydrate (40 drops – 2.5ml) in a large glass of water is a good start, but you can’t OD on this electrolyte so judge your own dose depending on the level of your indulgence! For those who do not like the slightly salty taste,
elete Holistic Hydrate can be added to juice, cordial, soda or coffee (in fact any soft drink as long as it is comprised largely of water – hot or cold).

elete Holistic Hydrate can be purchased on-line at

This highly effective hydration drink should be taken before you go to bed in order to deliver you fresh and lively in the morning. However, a morning after dose will also bring welcome hangover
relief, often within 30 minutes.


03 August 2015


“A few drops .. of elete Holistic Hydrate… turn plain water into a cramp busting, nerve supporting drink”.
Trail Runner

“Electro Charge. The electrolytes and other trace minerals in calorie – and flavour – free elete Holistic Hydrate aid with oxygen uptake, assist energy production and prevent muscle cramping. “Just empty in to your hydration system and your good to go.”
Adventure Sports

“An electrolyte replacement without all of the sugar and flavouring… check it out”.
Dirt Rag – The Mountain Bike Forum

“Elete Holistic Hydrate presents a compelling solution. It helps you hydrate more efficiently. For hydration packs it is a must. And… it is one of the least expensive electrolyte replacements on
the market.”

“… next in line is an outstanding hydration product from elete Holistic Hydrate The product is exceptional because of its complete lack of anything other than usefulness. Mixed with plain water or to light juice, this is something for everybody”.
Pez Cycling News

12 August 2015

Breakdown of Electrolytes Found in elete Holistic Hydrate
This chart shows a partial list of the benefits of the different ingredients in ELETE





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