Pure Provenance: The Science Behind elete™ Electrolyte Add-In



elete Electrolytes are derived from the inland sea water of the Great Salt Lake in Utah in the United States. This body of water is about the size of the area inside the M25 and is fed with water and minerals from a largely wilderness area the size of Ireland. Great Salt Lake is of hemispheric importance as both a refueling stop for millions of migratory birds and a nesting area for others. Eighty percent of Utah’s wetlands surround the lake. The mineral extraction industry, duck hunting clubs, and the brine shrimp industry are dependent on the vitality of the lake. Nature enthusiasts flock to the lake because of its ecological importance. Utahans draw a significant amount of their heritage and identity from the lake.

elete’s supply of water with naturally charged ionic electrolytes is harvested and then produced from a facility on the northern shore of the lake which is in an environmentally protected area. Here, only natural processes are used in the complex concentration procedures used to concentrate the sea water prior to it being finally produced, mixed and tested, thus giving elete Holistic Hydrate true provenance and traceability.


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