Maybe Not Such A Good Idea After All?

Maybe Not Such A Good Idea After All?

Why Sports Drinks Are A Pretty Bad Idea!!

Like most people you probably believe that Sports Drinks are the best alternative to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes after exercising?

Well that’s simply NOT true!!

Many Sports Drinks contain as much as two-thirds the sugar of Fizzy Drinks. Did you know that? Thought not, why would you? The Sports Drinks companies are wealthy and very good at convincing you of just how good they are for you but do you know that they also typically contain high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), artificial flavours and food colouring, none of which contribute to good General Health.

We have an incredible alternative and one which is actually fantastic for all ages !

elete Holistic Hydrate is 100% Natural, No Added Sugar, Colours or Flavourings and 0 Calories, it can be added to any of your freshly squeezed organic fruit juices, Coconut waters and natural smoothies, making any of these a REAL and very personalised Sports Drink. A great alternative to those super nasties which go under the Sports Drink umbrella and which are actually not only giving you that artificial high post work out but can also be giving you long term and quite serious negative side effects!!

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