Lymphatic Traffic Jam Causes Major Hold Ups!

Lymphatic Traffic Jam Causes Major Hold Ups!

A Neglected Topic


   Lymphatic Traffic Jam Causes Major Hold Ups In Immune 

                  Defence & Poor Health Issues In All Ages.


If you experience Lymphatic congestion it can lead to many minor but also many more serious health complaints.


Do you experience swollen tonsils, ankles; continuous sore throats or maybe a real slowness in the healing process.


Then it`s time…………Get the lymph moving again and restore your overall health.


How it works..

The lymphatic system removes wastes and toxins from the body and maintains immunity against the nasty pathogens. It does this by circulating lymph—a transparent fluid rich in all the good stuff, around the body and draining the interstitial fluid from between the cells.

That extracellular space is where the cells dump their wastes and where other toxins and debris can accumulate.

Here lies the problem if Lymph Drainage does not take place!

You see Lymph channels draw this fluid up from the limbs in both directions from the feet up and the head down meeting at the chest where it is dumped into the circulatory system into the veins under the collarbones.

On its journey the lymph passes through filtering stations called lymph nodes. These contain collections of white blood cells that can destroy potentially harmful bacteria and viruses present in the lymph.

We can experience what we call “swollen glands” these are most commonly noticed on the sides of the neck, under the arm, or in the groin. This is a sort of good sign of your immune system is working well, even if they can be very painful!

However, if your lymph nodes remain swollen for more than a few days, be sure to tell your doctor.


Exercise & Diet helps… 

It is shown to us that exercise and attention to good diet, is a large factor in the correct maintenance of your Lymphatic System.

If you are at all concerned that you may not be eating the correct foods, seek professional advice and modify your diet keeping all of your body’s systems flowing smoothly.


 Something interesting…….

An important fact is that the circulatory system relies on the heart to push blood through the arteries,  but the lymphatic system relies on mainly large muscle activity in the body. Thats exercise and there is no getting away from it.

The tensing and relaxing of the muscles during physical and prepared exercise wrings out the tissues and forces interstitial fluid into the lymph channels.

One-way valves prevent gravity from pulling the lymph back into the limbs.

Any type of muscular contraction helps move lymph along, however, Yoga with its emphasis on working every part of us, is especially effective.


Second to exercise…..


Good hydration is KEY


One tip is that Lymph becomes thicker and moves slower when we are dehydrated, but flows well when we drink plenty of fluids but they must be fluids that aid in good hydration.

A fantastic Add-In that is available for the use of all ages it is elete Holistic Hydrate.

This simple task can actively hydrate the body up to 44% more effectively than drinking normal drinking water alone and it can be added into any drinks, smoothies soups or meals.

It is totally 100% calorie free and aids in so many other areas it must be an essential part of your daily routine.

Just simple lifestyle changes can transform your lymph into a flowing stream.


We must act today to strengthen our immune and help protect and revitalise our whole being!!

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