Hydration Isotonic Ice Pops

Hydration Isotonic Ice Pops


Not only are they refreshing but made with the right ingredients they can maximise Hydration and instal the correct electrolyte balance too!

They require less than basic skills to make and can consist of any fruit and natural flavour that floats your child’s boat!

The great thing is that they can be seen as a treat when actually they are aiding you to enhance your child’s concentration levels, assisting their vital organs to remain healthy, their teeth to stay strong and white and their clean healthy bodies to remain toxin free and not artificially fuelled.

So get the kids helping and make some seriously delicious alternatives to the chemical and poisonous additive ice lollies in the corner shop freezers!

And get them receiving the very best natural electrolytes!

Ok to start;

Lolli moulds can be bought cheaply but my advice, don’t!
Don`t skimp on this, it could be dangerous and not cost effective because you will use these a lot!

Choose a reputable brand to ensure that they are made from a good quality material, do your research. You want ones which are BPA, phthalate and lead-free, plus hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria.

Choose a high-grade silicone, that is dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer and microwave safe and choose silicone as it is durable and it also means your baby won’t gnaw and damage them. Please always follow the manufacturers age restrictions on any products used for this purpose and important to remember;
Grown Ups like Ice Pops too!

Now the good bit and remember, keep it Natural !

Fruit Bombers Favourite

The Super Lemon Zinger, not for the faint hearted but kids really do love it!
Use a good but basic Lemonade ( Homemade is best and super easy to make ) and add your own spin but avoid nasty sweeteners or artificial sugars, go natural by adding some good quality honey from heavenly bees!
Add some spice too with a grating of Ginger or even use a fizzy good quality mineral water for your Nade mix, opposed to flat water it can make it fun on the tongue!


Water,fizzy or still with the recommend eleteHH drops per serving ( 2.5mL to 1 Litre ) for the isotonic, super hydration buzz!

Honey for sweetness ( some not so sweet other sweeter you choose)

3 x Good Quality Organic Lemons, zest peeled off in wide strips ( obviously not waxed )

A good cup of Organic Lemon Juice from the 3 lemons of course!

A small amount of super finely grated Ginger ( if you like it spicy ! )


Here comes a hot job, not so good for little hands!

Bring just a small ½ cup water ( with the eleteHH already added, of course, heating the water will not affect the properties of eleteHH ) to a boil in a medium saucepan with around a tablespoon of your honey, stirring occasionally, until the honey dissolves. Let cool 5 minutes.

Add lemon zest ( and Ginger if this is your desired spice) and let it sit 30 minutes to allow the flavours to marry.

Strain this delicious smelling lemon syrup through a very fine sieve into a large jug, this will get rid of the bits of zest and any ginger pieces and lemon pips. Bin the bits.

Add lemon juice and 3 cups water with eleteHH already added and stir to combine, you can add some extra honey add this stage to taste if desired.

Make sure your mixture is super cool before adding to your moulds and freeze.

When frozen. Pop and enjoy!

Chunky Isotonic Pops

Give your pops a little texture by adding semi-puréed ripe fresh fruit, or some delicious fresh herbs like mint mixed in with your favourite seasonal fruit or veg, like mint and refreshing cucumbers.


*WATER fizzy or still with the recommend elete HH drops per serving ( 2.5mL to 1 Litre ) for the isotonic, super hydration buzz!

*Use this water to loosen your mix if required but not too much!

Not using water? Swap water for delicious natural greek yoghurt with a few drops of your eleteHH. You can add elete HH to taste to liquids or solids and keep the hydration level and isotonic advantage to the max.

Any Fruit/Veg and herbs of your choice.

Honey if desired for sweetness.


Wash the fruit or veg and place them in a blender. Add a small amount of water to loosen and create the slush effect. You should use your blender to achieve your preferred texture but once blended it should still remain slushy in appearance before adding to your mould. You can even select a mix of fruits making each slush individually and then layering in a rainbow effect so when popped you have a super colour explosion!

If desired:- Stir into the mix some Natural Greek yoghurt for a creamy pop or alternatively leave it as a fruit pop, even adding some extra chunked pieces of another complimentary fresh fruit for taste or in a contrasting colour for a party splash!

Caribbean Dream

Totally a Summer favourite. Use Tropical fruits only for this to really get the mood going!
Great for introducing your children to a new range of tastes. Pineapple, Mango, Papaya and the favourite of all Caribbean fruit, Banana !
The base of your Pop should be milkier than water. Still adding your Hydration Drops use a good quality Organic Coconut Milk. This is so good.


Chop your chosen fruit and leave in a small bowl, if using bananas chop last to avoid browning. Take your delicious Coconut Milk and pop in your fruit pieces, no need for adding sweetness to this as the fruit will be good enough to taste. Pop into your moulds and wait.
Make sure you make plenty cos these have got a real come back for more appeal.
Coconut milk is non-dairy and gives a delicious flavour, don`t get confused between this and coconut water which is delicious but will not offer the same effect.

For Naughty Touch to all your pops!

Here comes another hot job, not so good for little hands!

When you are just ready to serve your frozen tropical or fruity delights, melt in a *Bain Marie some good quality organic dark chocolate and once popped from the mould dip the tip of your pop in your melted choco heaven.

* However once the chocolate is melted and the hot water bowl
emptied the kids can safely dunk away.


We would love to see some photos of your fun Ice Pop making moments, so feel free to share on our Social Media pages!

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