How to Use Your elete Electrolyte Add-In

How to Use Your elete Electrolyte Add-In

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Hydration made easy — all you need to know about using a natural electrolyte add-in

What is elete Electrolyte Add-In?

elete Electrolyte Add-In is a 100% natural, ionically charged hydration liquid that has been naturally sourced from the northern shores of the Great Salt Lakes in Utah, USA.

Electrolytes are charged minerals that are responsible for various functions in the body, such as hydration and communication between muscles and nerves in the body. Electrolytes, therefore, are needed for your day-to-day bodily functions to run smoothly.

elete Holistic Hydration offers natural electrolytes that do not contain any of the nasty ingredients found in commercial sports drinks. It offers all four key electrolytes required for hydration — Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Chloride — as well as sixty other trace minerals used by our bodies for various processes. With these key and trace minerals, our bodies can function at its best!

When should I use elete Electrolyte Add-In?

It’s often felt that electrolytes are only necessary for athletes or extremely active people. However, due to the general modernisation of lifestyles and introduction of more processed foods, caffeine, smoking, pollution and alcohol, there are a lot of people that suffer from chronic dehydration. CBS reports that up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

We recommend drinking your hydration drink at least thirty minutes before meals or in between, to avoid diluting stomach acids needed for digestion. As amazing as our bodies are, they can’t directly tell us if we need water or food, so there is a tendency to confuse thirst for hunger. Keeping hydrated with eleteHH drops means eating when you really need to, so goodbye unwanted inches!

As an athlete or very active person, a litre of electrolyte drink can be used prior to, during and after exercise to stay adequately hydrated.

How do I take elete Electrolyte Add-In?

Using eleteHH is an incredibly easy way to replace electrolytes and stay on top of your hydration. Simply add 2.5 ml of elete Hydration Drops to a litre of natural spring water and enjoy!

How to Use Your elete Electrolyte Add-In | elete holistic hydrate

elete can be used to make your favourite electrolyte replacement drink for your workouts, a glass of mineral water before bed, or to a colourful smoothie recipe to boost your mineral levels and hydration to feel strong and glow from the inside out. It can also be added to a stew or your favourite salad to bring out all the natural flavours of your ingredients. elete’s Hydration Drops can significantly benefit your lifestyle in three key areas: fitness, health and wellbeing.

What does elete Electrolyte Add-In taste like?

elete’s Electrolyte add-In has an extremely faint, salty taste, but this won’t be noticeable once added to the majority of food and drinks you consume. Salt is also a natural flavour enhancer, bringing out the flavours and aromas of drinks and foods.

What is the best drink to replace electrolytes?

There are three different types of electrolyte drink that can be used to ensure you are optimally hydrated and healthy.

Isotonic drinks

Are concentrations of electrolytes and carbohydrates that are the closest to that of our body. This is for general hydration and used by most athletes.

Hypertonic drinks

Quickly replace fluids lost by sweating. This type of drink is best suited to replace electrolytes without the added carbohydrates.

Hypotonic drinks

Are higher in carbohydrates than electrolytes. This drink is the best for those who need to replace their electrolytes as well as top up their glycogen levels after an intense workout.

Making your own electrolyte drink at home is a superb way to improve hydration, all the while being in control of what goes into it.

How long does elete electrolyte add-in last once I’ve mixed it into my drink?

Since elete Hydration drops include no chemicals or preservatives, once it has been added into your natural mineral water, it can last up to one month when refrigerated.

You could even make a few bottles of elete’s hydration drink in advance. Fill a one-litre bottle two thirds of the way, add in some lemon or a splash of natural squash and freeze them. Take them out in the morning and top it up with water. You then have an ice cold beverage to hydrate you through the heat. You could also try making delicious isotonic ice pops to get you through the summer — not only a great treat for your kids, but for everyone! It’s also a great way to prevent you reaching for other commercial beverages that contribute to dehydration instead of prevent it.

Where can I buy electrolytes online?

You can buy elete’s Holistic Hydration drops from our online store. We have a variety of sizes to suit your hydration and wellbeing needs; from a small and ultra convenient 25 ml bottle for your handbag or kitbag, to a larger 120 ml bottle, perfect for the kitchen pantry and general family use. elete also offers mixed variety trade packs, suitable for those training for sports events or extremely active individuals.

elete is wonderfully economical too. Another advantage over store bought drinks. A 25ml bottle of elete Electrolyte add in makes up to ten litres of electrolyte drink. That’s only 79p per litre!

Staying hydrated is essential to functioning at your optimum level. When you are dehydrated, life can drag on. You feel tired, sluggish and foggy. Keep on top of it with a simple, effective electrolyte add-in. You will power on through your day and feel great! We recommend using electrolyte add-in not only as part of your exercise routine, but as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Healthy, fresh food, daily exercise, and don’t forget some self-love, too!

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