Electrolytes for Hydration – A Guide to the Benefits of Electrolytes

Electrolytes for Hydration – A Guide to the Benefits of Electrolytes

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Is water alone enough to stay hydrated? And when are naturally derived electrolytes beneficial?

We are all unique. We all live different lifestyles and partake in different activities and hobbies. One thing we do have in common is a dependence on hydration — but even though the concept is shared, the type of hydration we need will be different.

Water or electrolytes for hydration?

Hydration is a simple concept. Drink water. However, the finer understandings of hydration elude most people. Unless we are athletes or extreme fitness enthusiasts, when do we learn about the different kinds of hydration options that electrolytes offer?

Delving deeper, the concept of hydration is quite complicated. Water alone has always been the solution for dehydration, but there could be some outside factors that need to be considered, such as the quality of the water we are drinking, our fitness levels, local environments and diets.

Factors affecting our hydration needs

Gone are the days when the only vegetables available were fresh and organic, we could consume hormone-free, grass-fed livestock, and we had access to cleaner, more natural water on a regular basis.

The type of water we drink is essential. Ideally, we would be opting for fresh, bottled, mountain water, but it can be costly and inconvenient for some. The next best thing would be to use a water filter that sifts out any nasty stuff that’s crept into our water. This is the best option, but it still leaves water lacking the oxygen and naturally-occurring minerals that our bodies need in order to thrive.

Our diet is another concern in regards to hydration. Fast food, processed food, caffeine and sugar are all culprits not only towards poor health; they directly affect our hydration levels, too. All of those dietary options require our bodies to work overtime, using more fluids. All cells on the planet, including the ones inside the human body, require water to function. When the cells are dehydrated, the ability to transport nutrients and keep our bodies functioning properly is slowed down. Eating predominantly raw diets with an array of fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to add hydration, nutrients and minerals — but once again, the financial aspect of achieving this is often a stumbling block.

Even our geographical location plays a role in hydration. Do you live in a big city where you spend long periods in the car or on public transport, or do you live out in the countryside? Do you live in a dry, arid region where it’s hot, humid or cold? These all affect our hydration needs substantially.

And what about our level of activity? It’s commonly known that athletes or people that are regularly active should drink more water and consume added electrolytes to prevent dehydration, muscle cramping and recovery. But while that may be the case, those who live more relaxed, regularly active lifestyles shouldn’t overlook the importance of hydration.

Factors affecting our hydration needs | elete Holistic Hydrate

Whether you are a lawyer in the city, training towards aiming for a gold medal in the Olympics, a professional golfer, an avid yogi or a waitress at the busy corner brassier, we live busy, physically demanding lifestyles. Staying hydrated under these conditions, often surrounded by modern factors that also affect our overall health, can be so difficult — but there is a way to make it easier.

Why should we consider electrolytes for hydration?

Electrolytes are charged minerals that serve as electrical currents in our bodies, communicating between cells and transporting the required fluids for the body to function. There are four main minerals that our bodies require: Sodium (Na+), Chloride (Cl-), Potassium (K+) and Magnesium (Mg++), along with a number of trace minerals that are also required.

Using a naturally derived electrolyte add-in to your water such as elete Holistic Hydrate is a great way to replenish the minerals lost through our modern lifestyles, maintaining a electrolyte balance that keeps our cells, nerves and muscles working efficiently.

Types of hydration drinks – which one is for you?

There are three types of hydration drinks to consider: isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic, all of which can be created by using elete Holistic Hydration drops

  • Isotonic drinks

    – Isotonic drinks are concentrations of electrolytes and carbohydrates that are the closest to that of our body. This is the drink of choice for most athletes doing medium energy activities. Isotonic drinks hydrate the body faster and so are used immediately after activity, providing hydration as well as a low level of carbohydrates to serve as glycogen for the muscles, preventing cramps.

  • Hypotonic drinks

    – Hypotonic drinks quickly replace fluids lost by sweating. This is a suitable drink for those who want to replace fluid loss without the added carbohydrates. This is the best drink to replenish electrolytes as part of a flexible lifestyle. Whether you have a strenuous job as a firefighter, as a doctor performing multiple surgeries a day, or even a top executive running from one meeting to the next, a simple hypertonic drink such as elete Holistic Hydration drops with mineral water allows you to stay balanced and hydrated during your day, so you can perform your tasks at optimum level.

  • Hypertonic drinks

    – Hypertonic drinks are higher in carbohydrates than electrolytes. They are used post-workout to top up the glycogen stores that were depleted during exercise, aiding recovery. If hypertonic drinks are used during exercise, it should be used together with a hypotonic drink.

How to add electrolytes to your water

How to add electrolytes to your water | elete holistic hydrate

Choosing elete Holistic Hydrate is a great way to make your own hydration drinks that are tailored to your needs. You will have the basic, naturally derived electrolyte solution that can then be added with the necessary ingredients for your day at the office, your Saturday cycle with your friends or your intense workout session.

We recommend using natural, high-quality water and an organic fruit squash with the drops. Here are three simple recipes that show you show to make isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic drinks with elete Holistic Hydrate:


2.5 ml of eleteHH Hydration Drops

1 l of natural mineral water

200 ml of natural fruit squash


2.5 ml of eleteHH Hydration Drops


2.5 ml of eleteHH Hydration Drops

1 l of natural mineral water

400 ml of natural fruit squash

Hydration used to be a simple task, but as busy lifestyles, prescription medication intake and dietary issues all continue to cause issues for many of us, a simple, affordable solution for dehydration is needed.

Using naturally derived electrolytes to make a hydration drink is a quick and easy way to make sure your cells and body are happy, hydrated and functioning as they should. Use this alongside a natural, clean lifestyle and you’ll feel stronger and happier than ever before!


For more information on how to use electrolytes for hydration, download our PDF Guide to using elete Holistic Hydrate.

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