elete™ has received strong endorsement from many leading sports men and women, including individual champions in athletics, cycling, canoeing, tennis, golf, triathlon, biathlon, shooting, ultra distance running, motor racing, scrambling, rowing, marathon running and multi-event challenges such as the Ironman triathlons. In addition a growing number of Strength and Conditioning Coaches for Premier and Championship football teams recommend elete™ to their players as do those who guide an International Rugby team and Championship County Cricket Teams.
electrolytes for bikram yoga
"We recommend elete™ to all our Bikram Yoga students. elete™ electrolytes are the most powerful and pure electrolytes we have found. Consuming sugary sports drinks in our 105-degree room can make your body feel sick, so it is discouraged." - Brandon Kietzman, Bikram Yoga Traverse City, Michagan
electrolytes for tennis players
Long-distance runners and cyclists, tennis players and even individuals who exercise regularly, are prone to muscle cramps. The main factors associated are Electrolyte imbalance and dehydration caused by excessive sweating and the loss of critical electrolytes. If you don´t already, seriously consider adding electrolytes to your sports drink before training for muscle cramp prevention and to aid in electrolyte replacement.
electrolytes for desert conditions
“I have been competing, organising and leading desert expedition races and adventures in some of the World’s remotest parts for over 10 years. I know from first hand experience how difficult the maintenance of correct electrolyte balance can be. elete™ Holistic Hydrate has taken the stress out of this crucial element of desert living for myself and my team. elete Holistic Hydrate is easy to use, physiologically sound and importantly tasteless. I now recommend this product to anyone joining me on a trip to the wilds.” - Dave Scott. Team Leader www.sand-baggers.com
electrolyte for mountain hiking
“I was on a recent hike with one of our local clubs. We gained over 4,000 feet elevation and I started cramping up at the summit. I was really concerned about getting off that mountain. After all I had a full quart of Gatorade in my water bladder. A fellow hiker had some elete™ with him and gave me a drink, probably about a half pint. I kid you not when I tell you that the cramps instantly went away and I was able to continue on. I firmly believe in this drink and will use it from now on.” - Wayne Johnson City, TN