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The hazards of working outdoors can be serious and surprisingly for some it is not just the common hazard of accidents that can cause the greatest concern for employers and workers alike.
The subtle killer “Heat Stroke” and its slow yet deadly effects can form a heavy burden on the shoulders of employers, it can effect Health and Safety issues for their workers as well as having longterm negative effects in productivity.

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Safety representatives should ensure that their employer has done an adequate risk assessment and taken control measures to ensure that no worker suffers from sunstroke, excess of sun exposure, dehydration or heat stress.
In large construction areas and in hot countries it can be incredibly difficult to make the rules stick. These cases rely heavily on workers being careful to wear the correct heat protection and take care to use all the elements supplied by their employer to keep them safe.

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Working in hot weather conditions could lead to possible dehydration and heat stress forming the pathway to the more serious effects of heat stroke.
These symptoms, if left unassisted, can lead to fatigue, muscle cramps, rashes, fainting, and in severe cases a loss of consciousness and in even death.

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When it comes to dehydration and good general health there is however a simple solution.
One that is simple, yet effective and will not only prove beneficial for the employee, but also increase productivity and safety statistics for the employer.
As every employer knows that their staff should always have access to fresh water, simply fortifying plain water with an elecrolyte add-in can be the easiest of solutions.

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And with the advantage of an electrolyte Add-In that will replenish the lost mineral salts and maintain proper electrolyte balance, elete™ Holistic Hydrate will prove to be a reliable friend in the prevention of dehydration and heat stress and even heat stroke.
Beneficial for all working conditions, elete™ Holistic Hydrate can be consumed by young and old and can even be taken by people under medication and diabetes sufferers, making it the very best natural add-in in the market.

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Regular breaks should always be taken when working outdoors. But when working during the hottest part of the day is unavoidable, what is essential is the maintenance of the very highest standards in the prevention of dehydration.
Remember, with only 1% dehydration the initial negative effect is in mental focus and concentration. When these levels drop, accidents are more probable to occur.

With elete™ Holistic Hydrate as an Add-In to all fluids, the benefits are incalculable as those mineral salts lost through sweating can be replaced with ease. These convenient hydration drops can be added into any waters, juices or foods easily and efficiently. As a well balanced, non-sugary, isotonic maintenance compound essential for good health, it will not only assist hydration levels but can immediately control and ease cramping and muscle spasms as well - another by-product of mineral depletion and dehydration.