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Juice Bars Are Going Crazy for a Shot of elete Electrolytes!

Help your clients ignite their electrolyte balance with an all natural, healthy flavour enhancer.

14 drops per freshly prepped Smoothie, Juice or Soup for maximum hydration or for that ultra hydration buzz, replenish  electrolyte balance lost through sport, activity or party excesses. Your Super Electrolyte Smoothie or Juice with a shot of elete Electrolytes restoring the balance and igniting the supply of electrolyte charge! As recommended by the Daily Mirror.

electrolyte recovery

Micro Breweries – Organic Food Manufacturers – Vegans

As a Natural Flavour Enhancer it is delivered to you as nature intended. Bring your preparations alive. Add hydration, excite the taste buds of your Customers…even win awards.

Try some of our delicious hydrating recipes!

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